What’s The Big Deal – Does Penis Size Really Matter?

What’s The Big Deal – Does Penis Size Really Matter?


Well, in a word, yes. However it might not matter in the same exact way that you’re thinking.

Ever since the dawn of man, guys have looked down at their junk and wondered if it was big enough to pass muster among other men.

Hell, you may even be one of those souls unlucky enough to have a significant other who happens to be honest and truthful to a fault – those females you aren’t advised to ask – Does penis size matter?

If you’ve ever turned over after sex and lovingly asked them if they’ve ever had anything quite as big as you inside them, expecting a very vehement response along the lines of “Oh, no, baby! You’re the biggest I’ve ever had!” only to get a response of an awkward cough or a flat negative, then you know why penis size such a big deal.

Have Large Penises Always Been sought After?

Lots of people like to say that commonly held ideas about the appropriate penis size change over time. For instance, most people who have looked into this sort of thing will always cite the Greeks and their preference for small penises.

If you’ve ever looked at Michelangelo’s David and noticed that he wasn’t hung like a horse on a particularly warm day, then you’ve seen the phenomenon that is their love of a tiny penis.

The issue here is that this preference is a purely aesthetic one. They preferred to see smaller penises because they thought it looked better, not because a small penis was better suited for action!

When things got hot and heavy, you can rest assured that it was the most well-endowed Greeks who got all the action, which brings us to our first point.

So Women Prefer A Bigger Penis?

If you’re bouncing the question around in your head and muttering “Does penis size matter?” to yourself, right before you drift off into a dreamy slumber filled with cocks… then the chances are that it all revolves around what women think of your unit.

The simple fact is that women prefer bigger penises for sex. It’s just the way that it is.

It’s also the reason that John Collins Penis Enlargement Bible is snapped up by thousands of guys like you!

 The thing to keep in mind here is that it’s not only length that matters, it’s girth too. Girth is what makes a woman feel good inside her love tunnel.

Imagine the vagina as a balloon. As you blow air into it, it expands in every direction, including its width. The vaginal wall work the same way. It’s their expansion that makes taking a bedroom pounding feel good.

While length does play a big role, it’s the overall thickness that really makes them weak in the knees and excited!

On the other hand….

There are ways around this. You may not be able to wave a magic wand and give yourself a monster dick that would make Ron Jeremy blush, but you can make it feel like you did.

With a simple position change in the middle of a hot session, you can make her feel like she’s being filled up by a stallion on Viagra.

The next time you’re getting down to the business, start off in the missionary position and slide your arms under the object of your affection’s knees. Wiggle and dance until you get them over your shoulders so that her hips are almost all of the way off the bed and slide into your home base.

This position has the effect of shortening and contracting the vaginal canal. What this means is that the same penis that made her feel “Meh” in all of the other positions will make her feel fuller than a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet! Good eh?

With the walls crunched together, a little goes a long way and you can surprise her with the sensation of a totally new and improved penis with almost no effort.

What About For Men –  Is It The Same?

The big question: does penis size matter, is not restricted to heterosexual men of course. As instinctual animals, we’re all drawn to larger penises, no matter how our sexual preferences are wired.

Just because you happen to be gay doesn’t grant you a pass on this one. Men want something substantive when they’re getting all hot. No matter how the sex plays out, it’s the bigger penis that gets the attention and affections of adoring coital enthusiasts.

It’s simply the way of the world, that when you engage in sex, you find the most interest in partners that can fill you the most. Your monkey brain links it with virility and health.

If you have a big penis that can get the job done in half the time, then you’re a mate that’s worth fighting for and keeping.

If you have a small penis that needs to incorporate trickery and half mumbled apologies for its size, then you’re not a healthy option for a mate that can dominate any nearby enemies.

Blame your genes and the cold, uncaring universe that created you and scream your dissatisfaction into the empty night sky.

A Small Penis Is Not All Bad News

We’re not merely monkeys anymore. We’ve evolved. We’re higher life forms that can reason and question their own existence and place in that uncaring universe.

If you have a partner that you love and who loves you in return, then you should never have to worry about your size. Your partner should accept you for who you are and love you no matter what your shortcomings may be.

Relationships are never all about sex and the satisfaction that you feel after a love making session should come from your closeness with the one you have feelings for, not from the size of their man cannon.

However, we’re still men

While you can sleep in the arms of your satisfied love on a bed of roses, that question will always nag at you. After all, we’re flawed beings. We care about stuff like this.

We imagine the self-confidence we’d have if we had to walk around with a python hanging down to our knees. We’re just human men and there are always options.

There are honest ways that you can change your penis size and you should pursue them for yourself, not anyone else.