premature ejaculation natural treatment

What is Premature Ejaculation – Causes, Prevention & Treatment

The male sexual dysfunction where sexual intercourse performance is affected mostly is about early orgasm where semen is expelled on an untimely manner. What is premature ejaculation? What causes premature ejaculation? How to prevent premature ejaculation? These are the questions that have bothered men who experience this problem and will be tackled in this article.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

In a nutshell, it is a sexual dysfunction. It is known in many other terms: early or rapid ejaculation, rapid or premature climax and also ejaculation praecox – its Latin origin. In detail, it is an untimely release of semen during a sexual activity where instead of being able to hold it, it is released sooner than intended. While release of semen is essential in reproduction so that a baby may be conceived, it becomes a problem to men who cannot help it from happening even before an actual penetration.

Men who experience the following are likely to suffer the condition:

  • Avoids or limits sexual intimacy but feels frustrated and depressed, suffering negatively on his own.
  • Timidly engages in sex but powerless to delay ejaculation the moment he penetrates his woman.
  • Ejaculates even before actual penetration takes place, frustratingly unsatisfying his partner.

How Many Men Suffer from Climaxing too soon?

Because the reasons why men suffer from premature ejaculation or PE, the number of men who suffer from it also varies. In guys of different age brackets, there are reportedly about 30% of them who go through the condition whether it’s persistent or not.

In the British male population where thousands were surveyed, 10% of them have one way or the other experienced PE.

premature ejaculation natural treatment

What Does this Tell Us?

That premature ejaculation is a condition, feared by most men, actually exists in both the young males and the older ones regardless of their sexual experience or expertise.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Even those who dreadfully have the condition admittedly differ in how it happens. Likely, the reason behind is the different trigger factors. If a trigger factor is not present, there is a chance that they’d ejaculate normally. Let’s take a look at the factors that may cause PE.

  1. Psychological

Sometimes, the reason may be as simple as lack of sexual experience and this is normal. The more a man becomes experienced in the art of lovemaking, the better he is able to control his climax. Other psychological factors are overstimulation, overexcitement (often on new relationships), guilt, anxiousness, intimacy issues and depression.

Two types of Premature Ejaculation:

Secondary Premature Ejaculation – this is a non-serious condition mostly affected by the psychological factors mentioned above. In general, it affects men who previously had no trouble controlling their climax.

Lifelong Premature Ejaculation – more commonly known as Primary PE, it is a rare but persistent kind. While psychological factors may also be the general cause, it is thought to be the more serious, harrowing experience that is embedded in the man’s psychological makeup.

  1. Medical

High blood pressure, diabetes, prostate condition, thyroid problems and drug use are among the common medical reasons why a man would prematurely ejaculate. In some rare incidences, it could also be a post-surgery effect or due to damage in the nervous system.

When the cause is medical, erectile dysfunction is commonly feared by men to be the culprit. In case of an unexplained PE experienced and that any of the medical reasons mentioned here may be causing it, it is best to see your medical doctor.

Prevention of Premature Ejaculation:

In the event that the relationship is young and fresh, there is no need for medical intervention as it resolves on its own for most cases. There is always a chance that the man will improve how he controls his sexual urges. New couples may try the following as preventive measures in order to stop the condition from becoming an issue between partners.

  • Counseling from a reputed sex therapist where the man and the woman attend a couples therapy sessions.
  • Do a sex-therapist-guided home therapy that with persistent practice would gradually get rid of any possible anxieties that lead to early climax. The home therapy is consisting of two methods, the Start-Stop Method and the Squeeze Method.

Start-Stop – at the point where the man is near ejaculation, he has to stop whatever is sexually stimulating him. Repetition of this practice helps a man hold his climax longer.

Squeeze – at the point of near ejaculation, stimuli must also be stopped followed by a squeezes at the tip of the penis. Once the desire to ejaculate has subsided, the process is repeated.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment:

When preventive measures prove to be unsuccessful, men should not fret as there are clinical treatments that a doctor can help them with. Dapoxitine, Paroxetine, Fluoxatine and Sertraline are among the premature ejaculation drugs doctors prescribe.

overcome premature ejaculation

However, this is only after a detailed history of the patient is taken into consideration and a clear diagnosis is achieved. Often, the following situations will have to be firmly established before treatments with drugs are considered:

  • The man releases semen in only a couple of minutes into vaginal penetration. An average man can last 5 minutes before ejaculating.
  • Ejaculates repetitively and persistently even when trying to control it.
  • The condition is becoming a psychological problem that is affecting his social life and personal behavior.

In most mild cases of PE, it is the man who is more affected that his partner and as such, it can negatively impact his overall wellbeing. The explanation to this mainly relies on the fact that to most women, intimacy is their goal in a relationship whereas to men, it is both intimacy and the need to perform great sexually speaking. Also because women don’t find orgasm as obligatory but men view it as a-must-have.

Determining PE

As mentioned in this article, experiencing PE may not always mean the condition will become and stay as a problem. Some may overcome it eventually. In the event that it happens, you may ask yourself the following questions to help determine if the condition is likely to persist and if you might need to seek the help of your healthcare provider.

  1. Do you experience PE? If so, how often and how long has it been since it started?
  2. Does it happen every time regardless of who the partner is and what the intimacy level is?
  3. Are you easily releasing at the slightest stimulation? Do you release even when the stimulation is something visual?
  4. Are you taking any medication that might have triggered the problem?
  5. In the times PE happens to you, has it affected your sexual, social and interpersonal relationships?
  6. Is there no delaying your ejaculation at all once you have started to do vaginal penetration or even during fellatio?

If your answers lead you to strongly believe you are suffering from premature ejaculation, it would be worthwhile to see a doctor. Remember that the condition is treatable and that you need not prolong your agony about it.

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