The Unspoken Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

The Unspoken Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men


Yes, it is true, even young men can suffer from Erectile dysfunction. Most people may think of erectile dysfunction as something that only happens to older men, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, if you go around believing it’s only an older man’s problem and then find yourself suffering from the same condition in your twenties or thirties; you run the risk of not seeing the problem for what it really is, or placing the blame on a different culprit while not getting the help that you really need.

While it’s true that you run a higher risk of suffering from E.D. later in life, with approximately fifty percent of men in their fifties experiencing it and sixty percent in their sixties, recent studies have found that a full twenty-six percent of men under forty experience the same condition.

Erectile dysfunction in young men is no new phenomenon and if you find yourself unable to achieve or maintain an erection when you really need it, then your first weapon in fighting it, is understanding why it happens.

The physical Dimension of Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

There are plenty of physical problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction in young men and not getting your penis to stand tall and proud may just be the best thing that’s ever happened to you if it leads to addressing a life threatening condition early on.

From diabetes to obesity and even blood clots, if you find yourself with erectile dysfunction, then your first stop should be your doctor to make sure you’re in good physical condition.

Being overweight can lead to both hypertension and diabetes, which can severely affect your quality of life later on. If that’s not the cause, then you may be looking at a blood clot which can lead to stroke or even death.

No matter what else is going on in your life, you need to see a physician first to rule out these problems.

The psychological Aspect

If you’ve ruled out the physical, then the real cause of erectile dysfunction in young men can only be psychological.

It can be tough for a hard ridin’ twenty something year old guy to accept that his problem comes from his brain, but it happens and quite frequently. All erections start in the brain, and a disruption here can seriously impact your ability to get it up downstairs.

No matter what point you’re at in your life, you face serious stress when it comes to money, jobs and really anything else.

If you have too much of it, then these things can play in your mind and keep you from experiencing and enjoying the things that bring you pleasure.

Depression is a particularly high hurdle for erections to overcome because it forces you to ignore the things that you like. If you find yourself suffering from this monster of a condition, help is out there and you should seek it out.

It may not feel like the manliest thing in the world for you to do, but the other option is to simply never get hard again. It’s not a difficult decision to make if you think about it.

Free your mind and your penis will follow

Once you’ve taken real stock of the things going on in both your body and your head and address them with the professionals, then it’s going to be time to change your lifestyle.

We’re not talking sweeping changes here that last a week at most if you make them too quickly. The things that need to be seen to are the simple, everyday things that contribute to your overall health and can be taken care of slowly and on your own schedule.

A lot of erectile dysfunction in young men boils down to diet and exercise. If you have a healthy body, then you’ll have a healthy penis. Smoking and drinking greatly contribute to loss of erection and should be moderated, if not all together eliminated.

Naturally, turning into a teetotaler may be a bit of a stretch, but if you wake up more mornings with a hangover than without, you should consider cutting back.

Picking up a hobby can help get you through the long night of not drinking and you may be surprised at how much other stuff you get done.

Medications And Devices

If you really want to address your E.D. while you’re making the changes that will net you a longer life, there are plenty of medications out there, as well as tools to help your tool.

Things like Viagra and Cialis can make a huge impact on your sex life, but they do require a subscription.

If you want to take the road to Bonetown alone, consider getting yourself a penis pump. These things do wonders to get you erect and are extremely cost effective. They also come in many different form and variations to suit your needs.