Is It Possible To Straighten A Bent Penis Naturally

Is It Possible To Straighten A Bent Penis Naturally

Straighten A Bent Penis Naturally

Let’s face facts here. Not everyone is happy with the penis that they happened to be born with. Some men hate the diminutive size while others hate the fact that it bends the way that it does and still others walk around upset with the universe for giving them a member that’s just too damn big.

While the third example may be the minority, the first two are incredibly common and almost half of all men are unhappy with the curve in their penis.

Luckily for you and everyone else out there, we live in the future where anything is possible. Yes, you can get rid of that curve that makes your Johnson look like a particularly excited banana and it’s possible!

First , but let’s get down to the causes first and figure out why a guy like you can entertain yourself by using your penis as a ramp for matchbox cars when you’re bored.

Why Is My Penis Bent?

The primary cause of a bend in the penis is simply non-symmetrical tissue in the shaft. This means that one side is a little bit shorter than the other which causes part of it to pull to one side.

The angle can go in any direction, from up or down to right or left and anything in between. The severity of it depends entirely on what makes the tissue non-symmetrical to begin with.

Some men are just born with a bent penis and this is usually caused by scar tissue or calcification on the inside of the shaft. This type of affliction is typically referred to as Peyronie’s Disease.

That may sound scary, but it’s really not a huge deal. There aren’t really any other effects from it besides the bending and that can be corrected.

It’s just something that happens inside the womb and causes one side of your joystick to be slightly shorter than the other.

No it doesn’t make you a freak and no, your mom wasn’t cursed by a witch with an interesting sense of humor. It just happens and it can be fixed with a little work and dedication.

The other cause has the opposite effect of elongating one side of the shaft and is something that typically happens over time.

This issue can be caused by any number of things that you’ve done throughout your time on Earth, such as wearing tight clothing that pulls your dick to one side, day after day or even sleeping on your stomach.

In fact, if you like to give your pole a good old fashioned greasing a little too often and always do it in the same way with the same hand, then you can come across this very problem.

These are the causes, but you came here because you want to know how to straighten a bent penis naturally, and that’s exactly what you’re going to learn.

No matter why it’s the way that it is, the solutions are often the same for everyone as long as you put in the time.

Exercise The Bend Away

At the end of the day, the penis is just a muscle and can be worked out like such. Doing penis exercises on a regular basis can work to straighten everything out and may just have the added benefit of giving you longer and stronger erections as a side effect, along with better circulation.

These exercises can vary, but the most common is the jelq, which is accomplished by making a ring with your middle finger and thumb, wrapping it around the base of your shaft while your tonsil tickler is semi erect and pulling your hand forward, stretching out your muscle as you go.

This is the cheapest approach since it’s totally free and only costs you time. The one downside here is that this method could take an extremely long while to get any results. The tissues we’re talking about here don’t change overnight and need a lot of coaxing to get the bald-headed yogurt slinger that you really want.

Penis Extenders To Straighten A Penis

The straight up, no screwing around, all bets are off, method of getting your manhood to stand tall and unbending, is always going to be the penis extender.

These things can do things to your penis that you never thought possible. By spending a few hours a day with your tool in traction, you lengthen the shorter end of your shaft and say goodbye to the non-symmetrical affliction.

Once both sides are the same length, your entire penis should be straight and you’ll never have to deal with the ‘bent tissue issue’ again.

For lots more information on how exactly it works,  Size Genetics will give you the lowdown.

This attack may take a little time, but nowhere near as much as jelqing and it won’t be as dangerous as surgery. If you really want to know how to straighten a bent penis naturally, then this is it.

The more time you spend with the penis extender, the faster it will work, because it operates by literally stretching your tissue and that’s exactly what you want to happen.

You might even be lucky enough to walk away with a larger penis that’s as magnificent as it is pristine in shape and functionality. Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

Surgery To Straighten Your Penis

The most invasive nuclear option when it comes to straightening is hardcore surgery. If you have no problem with a surgeon who’s seen more penises than a Rabi who specializes in brit milah, slicing into your steamin’ semen roadway with a scalpel, then this may be a sure bet, but it’s clearly not without its risks.

Any time you go under the knife, you expose yourself to the danger of something going wrong, and when your schmeckel is the one taking the brunt of any damage, it’s always best to exhaust all other options before going down a road that you may never be able to return from.

Moreover, we’re here to discuss how to straighten a bent penis naturally, and surgery is certainly not natural. It’s your last stand at the Alamo moment, so keep it on the back burner where it belongs.