Does Having A Big Penis Satisfy Women More ?

Does Having A Big Penis Satisfy Women More ?


Yep, it’s the age old question guys- Does penis size matter? Whether it is openly admitted or not, there is probably no denying the truth that women are more sexually satisfied  with men who posses a bigger, thicker penis.

No need to ask if size matters, because it does apparently!

It’s not exactly the answer most of us guys want to hear…because…well…it can make us feel a tad inadequate.

If you asked around, most women would probably say YES, it does matter. However some others might say no.

For those women who say it doesn’t matter what your tool size is, they are maybe more into durability, techniques and other sexual acts that give them pleasure, leading to the Big O.

Still, when it comes to the hard truth of the matter, women admit that they expect to enjoy superior sex with men who have a bigger penis, anticipating a higher level of sexual pleasure.

Lets face it, it’s the reason a lot of us guys look for ways to increase the size of our penis and no doubt why John Collins, Penis Enlargement Bible have been helping thousands of men enlarge their penis for many years!

Take a look at the following Study Revelations:

  • Women, who were instructed to touch, feel and stroke 3D replicas of penises, picked the thicker (in girth) models when it comes to a choice for a single night of pleasure.
  • The choice was unanimous when it came to length whether for one-night stands or long-term sexual relationships.
  • Women tend to be more attracted to taller men because of the thought that taller men possess lengthy manly tool and that shorter men are with relatively average penis size.

So does penis size matter when it comes to women preference? The answer is yes and that they anticipate a more exciting, more pleasure-laden sex when a man is equipped with a larger penis.

The Power of Mental Stimulation :

To most women, sexual enjoyment begins with mental stimulation. They are aroused by what they visualize in their head and more often, that includes envisioning a large penis and how it might feel during penetration. This is similar to how men are aroused when visually stimulated by women with large breasts, big butts, long legs, etc.

  • Out of more than one thousand women who responded to a survey, more than 800 admitted to being visually excited by larger penis.
  • Almost all of them said that when they find a man attractive, they picture in their heads what his penis might be like – long or short, thick or average?

What do these answers tell? That women are curious about big penises and when they visualize it, they feel a better sexual urge than when imagining bed action with a man whose penis is small.

Is Sex with Big Penis Painful?

Some women who are not open enough about the thoughts of having sex with men whose manhood is more than the average size fear of a painful sex. But is there any truth to that? Here is what a survey of women who have had sexual experience with a size ranging from the average up to 10 inches found:

  • About 80% admitted to have had sexual experience with men whose sizes differ.
  • A great number of these women stated that sex was good with partners endowed with average penis size.
  • More than 70% of them were bold enough to admit that bigger was better.
  • Only 8% said sex was painful with larger, thicker penis.

This goes to show that to most women, a big penis is more enjoyable than a small one. Women who find sex to be painful when doing it with a well-endowed man, the reason may not really be pointed to the size of the man’s reproductive organ but to something else like a medical condition or a really small vagina.

What Makes a Bigger Penis more Enjoyable to Women?

  1. It is capable of providing more movement within the vaginal walls, hitting the most sensitive parts.
  2. It creates better friction along the vaginal areas that act as pleasure receptors.
  3. Women find more pleasure in having an increased sensation around their vaginal opening with it being filled and stretch in a sensual manner.

Poll after Poll…

One thing can be said, after polls are conducted, that women are more satisfied, sexually, when their men’s size is more than the average. This fact comes from how they perceive making love to be more enjoyable if their man’s sex tool is adequate enough, a mind over matter kind of thing. Then when physical stimulation ensues, the more they get to reach orgasms of their dream. While some women persist on saying that the average size is okay, they prefer the bigger one.

Big Penis, Get the Size You Wish for:

Surely as a man, you want your woman to enjoy sex with you and that you aim to satisfy her even more. You do every possible technique known in the book of sex but if deep within you, you wish for a bigger penis, it only takes a few minutes every day for several weeks. Once you achieve it, that gain can be yours for the rest of your life and that means your bed partner’s satisfaction too.

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